Saturday, May 15, 2010

HOWTO: delete your Facebook account

Ever tried to delete your Facebook account. They don't make it easy.

Most people look for a delete option on the Account Settings page. Ah, but that would be too obvious & they only give you the option to deactivate your profile. It puts your account on hold.... just in case you want to come back.

If you really want to delete your account, log in to your Facebook profile first and then click this link. It should take you straight to the well hidden Facebook “Delete my account” form.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ubuntu 10.4 & your Epson C1100

Well 10.4 is finally out & running in the main stream, its quick, its slick & the windows now are all left hand drive (the maximise, minimise & close have all move left AKA mac style).

For me everything just works, it's rock solid & though I miss the old brown Ubuntu theme, I could never go back purple is this years black.

I had the same old issue with getting my Epson C1100 working but by following the simple steps below I was printing in less than 5 minutes.

10.4 like its predecessor seems to be missing libstdc++5_3.3.6-17ubuntu1_i386.deb

In order to install the Epson C1100 under 10.4 on the standard i386 platform please open an terminal via ACCESSORIES > TERMINAL & make a directory as explained below to store your installation files;

mkdir epson_install
move to the installation directory you just created;

cd epson_install
get the installation files from our website

extract the compressed file;

tar -zxvf epson_c1100_install.tar.gz
install the deb installation files you have just extracted;

sudo dpkg -i *.deb
from here you can install your Epson C1100 just as you would normally install any other printer using the SYSTEM > ADMINISTRATION > PRINTERS menu. When/if called for the ppd (PostScript® printer description) file, please point to the "epson_install" directory & select the file Epson-AL-C1100-fm3.ppd